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"White Latinos Always In A Way...Rejected Me."

@ShopBlatina : Any thoughts onto why majority of my customers are light-skin and why the "Black" or darker skin Latinx people aren't buying?"

Geisa: "I believe White latinas are just now jumping on the bandwagon of reppin' Latinidad for all Latinos. They notice all this Black Latina power going on and per usual with White people regardless of their background, they love jumping on whatever trend they feel is going to keep them relevant. 

Where as us redbone & Black Latinos/ Hispanics been reppin' and at some point get tired of all of them saying the same shit,"Latinos come in all colors." So, a lot of "us" are done. If I can even go to the extreme of saying that I've never really had White Latinas as friends. Ever! Because most of them STILL feel like they are better than the rest. All of my life Caribbean people have accepted without a doubt where as White Latinos have always in a way... rejected me. If I can also say this and I hope I'm not offending anyone (ah who tf cares if they get mad) being from the islands, I've never ever felt connected to South or Central America.

My connection has always been to the Caribbean, that's what I feel in my blood, in my heart, and soul. I feel more at home with Jamaicans or Trinis than I would to a Colombian or Peruvian.  Funny thing is my best friend is from Nicaragua. I don't relate to her culture at all, but she's more "Americanized" than actual "Nicaraguan" and we have a lot of things in common that doesn't have ANYTHING to do with our background.  This is a great discussion.  Let's do a panel discussion?!" -- Geisa

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