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Where Are The Black People?

The old me wanted to smirk, the new me wanted to laugh. I really wanted to say, "Are you serious, you can't be serious?" Man, I wanted to do so much in such little time, but I remember growth. I remembered the "educate"part of B.Latina's mission.

Let me rewind for you... so I was having a conversation about the people here in Miami with a chick from Texas. She was real cool, but you could tell she wasn't expose to many cultures. We spoke on how all the people she's been encountering at the plastic and cosmetic surgery clinics are either Cuban, Colombian, and or Venezuelan. (She thought they were all Mexicans). I said Cubans and Haitians are the majority here in Miami and most of the Haitians live in Lil' Haiti (part of Miami) or towards North Miami, not where she is staying.

Homegirl looked me dead in my face and said, "Well where are all the Black (yes with a capital B) at?" I cringed (not consciously) and did one of those like "come on" laughs. Sis, I'm right here in front of you. I'm black and I just explained where the Haitians live. I also included, how some of the Cubans she seen were Black too. Just because they speak Spanish doesn't mean they aren't "Black." I had to enlighten her, they just aren't African American. Most of them live up north, Broward/Fort Lauderdale areas. From there she said, "Oh you right because I did see one dark like me with nappy hair." Ladies and Gents, and that is the moment I wanted to smack my forehead. Nappy hair? Man, thats a whole other topic! - I'm out.

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