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She Said I was Lying....

Ya'll I pulled up to a Popeyes here in North Miami and placed my order. As soon as I rolled the window down to pay for my food, home girl said, " Oh my, is that all your hair?"

I literally laughed and gave a quick look to my dude at the time (you know that look like, " See this that ish I be talking about" kind of look)?

I turned back to her and said, "Yes" with a smile. Deep inside, I hate that question. Like seriously, why the hell do you think it's okay to ask ANYONE if their hair is real? Real or not, what will that do for you knowing if it is or not? Will that give you some satisfication if it wasn't my hair? Will you feel hurt or jealous if I told you yes it's ALL MY HAIR?

Well back to the story, homegirl fired back with a quick response, "You lying!" with a "Come on Bro" look on her face. I told her, "Wow, I have no reason to lie. I'm grown, if it was a weave, a wig, etc I would tell you. Black girls can have hair like mine. Now is the food ready?" -- End of story she was shocked to see I was serious, but I honestly don't think she really believed me. I'm not okay with that though because that signifies she doesn't believe a dark skin, black women can have: thick, long, curly hair. Often times, I feel the need to prove that it's mine and I shouldn't have to do it.

What is it with people? Why don't they believe? I feel with times changing, there is a lot of "US"

(dark skin, black young girls and women) walking around with natural, curly, thick hair. Why don't others believe us when we say it's ours? Why should others feel the need to question us? Not everyone wears weaves or wigs. We all don't have the same hair textures, colors or lengths. Curly hair doesn't have a standard. Curly doesn't have a skin tone? Curly doesn't have a race!

I've been getting this question since I was young, parading around the stores with my father as a little girl to strangers stopping us to comment on my hair. To wearing my hair in slick-back ponytails in middle school, getting asked, "How did you get your hair like that?"

You would think I would be used to these types of questions, but I'm NOT. It always seem to throw me off guard whenever someone does find the foolishness to ask me.

Do you get this question? Are you offended by it?



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