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I Used to Walk in The Shade...


I grew up in the heart of Miami (you know the...305) and I've developed this complex from my Dominican Grandma. This complex of I couldn't walk in the sun. I literally used to walk in the shade, use umbrellas and run under trees adjacent to sidewalks to avoid getting darker from the sun. My Grandmother literally would tell me "Don't walk in the sun, you'll get darker and you'll be ugly."

My family would treat my light-skin cousins differently than me and I felt it. I know it was because of my skin color. From there, I started to feel less than and became aware I was treated differently from other because I was darker than most here. That's when I knew I was different.

Once I actually saw how differently I was being treated, I thought it was better to be "whiter." As I grew to become a teenager, I started to take action: I would put a jacket ontop of me in HOT ASS MIAMI to cover me if I couldn't walk in the shade to avoid me getting darker from the sun coming from school. I looked like a fool, but I did what I had to do to make sure I didn't get darker.

Well I'm sure you can tell as I entered adulthood, I've learned that I am beautiful just the way I am. I've accepted my skin tone, my hair, and everything else in between. I know Latina has no skin tone and I am proud of it!

- Mel

Owner of The Caribe Vegan

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