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Don't The Strongest People Come From Struggles?

My name is Demi and I'm from Waterbury, CT. My mother was born in Cape Verde Islands and my father was born in Puerto Rico. Growing up, I would mostly identify myself as Hispanic. Anytime I would mention that I am Cape Verdean, I would immediately get asked, "What's Cape Verdean?' I always just avoided the question altogether. The biggest emotional struggle I had to face being a Blatina is being told I wouldn't make it because of my background. I was told by my advisor that I would not finish my degree and never get into business school because I wasn't "smart enough" based on where I lived. In the beginning, I was discouraged and decided to change my major to what I have a degree in, Psychology. I allowed someone who judged me by where I came from to dictate my future. However, I am going back to school for my Master of Business Administration. My advice to anyone reading this is don't allow someone to tell you what you can and cannot do based on your background. You are only a product of your environment if you allow yourself to be. Don't the strongest people come from struggles?

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