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Insight From a Blatina...

-In school I identified as African American, but once people heard my last name, I would get a bunch of questions about my Colombian side.

-An emotional struggle I've dealt with due to being a Blatina is when I moved with my Hispanic aunt. I was a little depressed because we were family, but I couldn’t speak Spanish so I was sad and always felt super left out. So I would learn the lyrics to a bunch of songs in Spanish to feel included.

-One moment I will always remember due to being who I am was celebrating my birthday and having a party in Colombia. My Aunt flew me home and it was amazing! Advice that I would share with someone trying to understand who they are is:

- ask your mom and dad questions to further understand who you are and if that’s not an option, then do research and learn more about your culture because it’s apart of your DNA and you should be proud to own it. ❤️

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