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Latina Has No Skin Tone

EFF your Latina standards!

Here I am once again going against the norm and expressing to the world, "Latina Has No Skin Tone" so others don't have to live with the ignorance of others anymore like myself.

As a black (dark skin) culturally mixed woman, I can totally relate to the prejudices and ignorance @amaralanegraaln did, whom now claims she is tired of everything and has left the Instagram space. We live in a culture that values whitenes, so the closer our skin is to white, the more privileges many attain. Its is so important everyone understands, Latinos period have no skin tone.

For those of you who may or may not know, colonizing Europeans took Africans to the Americas. Out of ten million (YES, 10) enslaved - Africans, roughly nine. five million (Yes 9.5) landed in Latin America. (WAIT) Did you peep that? L A T I N A M E R I C A and the Caribbean rather than the United States. This led to the miscegenation and creation of the mix WE (Latinx) are today!


So as of late 2016, I've created "Latina Has No Skin Tone" cropped, turtle neck tops to spread the message.... We come in all different hues and its not up for debate! This cropped top is super soft and makes a statment without you even speaking! Be sure to check it out our other Latina Has No Skin Tone items available in the shop!

Queen Tingz with Amara La Negra

Breaking barriers and changing the standards one confident dose of chocolate at a time!

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