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"You Don't Look Spanish!"

"You aren't spanish, you don't look it!" You are absolutely right! I'm not Spanish. In fact, I'm positive that you've never met anyone who's "Spanish" or "black" for that matter. Spanish is just another language spoken and there aren't certain standards or sterotypes met by every Hispanic nor black. There isn't a typical Latino, African American, and or Native American. My ancestors come from a variety of places and you aren't going to tell me what I am and am not. Did you do an Ancestery DNA check on me? I think NOT and if you did, show me the RESULTS! I want to know.

See what's special about being a blatina is that we come from over 20 plus countries and culture mixing is immeasurable! Latina has no face or skin tone. We are so diverse. I can call myself pink and tell you I am Nutella mixed with Jiffy peanut butter if I wanted! I AM AFRO-Latina. Soy La BLatina! What are you?

-- BLatina with the Good Hair

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