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People Are Always Trying to Place Labels...

I am culturally mixed. My mother was African Amerian mixed with some Cauasian from her father side and With my Puerto Rican father, as a child I identified as black. The black community didn’t consider me apart of who they were- African American because of my hair and skin tone. Back in the day, we used broad terms. We didn't used the words, Afro Latina / Latino / etc. African American was a synonym for Black and others who fell under this category wasn't recognized. Black girls didn’t like me and were jealous. They were always trying to compare me to them. They had the “booty” and I didn’t. I had the “good,” long hair and they “didn’t.” End result, I just hung out with boys. Boys didn’t car

Insight From a Blatina...

-In school I identified as African American, but once people heard my last name, I would get a bunch of questions about my Colombian side. -An emotional struggle I've dealt with due to being a Blatina is when I moved with my Hispanic aunt. I was a little depressed because we were family, but I couldn’t speak Spanish so I was sad and always felt super left out. So I would learn the lyrics to a bunch of songs in Spanish to feel included. -One moment I will always remember due to being who I am was celebrating my birthday and having a party in Colombia. My Aunt flew me home and it was amazing! Advice that I would share with someone trying to understand who they are is: - ask your mom and dad

We Were Not White.

How did you identify when you were a child? Being from Idaho I almost immediately noticed my family was different than the average family. We were not white. When I was super young, I identified as "mixed." During middle-school, I decided I wanted a nickname as unique as I was. Being the only girl of color, older than 8 at my private school, I created, "Blaxican" from Black and Mexican, which is what I am. I have identified as Blaxican since then, I even had it engraved upon my class ring. What emotional struggles, if any, have you faced due to being Afro-Latina? ​ At first I want to say of course there were no struggles. I am a fearless woman of color who perseveres, but who am I kidding we

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