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"You Don't Look Spanish!"

"You aren't spanish, you don't look it!" You are absolutely right! I'm not Spanish. In fact, I'm positive that you've never met anyone who's "Spanish" or "black" for that matter. Spanish is just another language spoken and there aren't certain standards or sterotypes met by every Hispanic nor black. There isn't a typical Latino, African American, and or Native American. My ancestors come from a variety of places and you aren't going to tell me what I am and am not. Did you do an Ancestery DNA check on me? I think NOT and if you did, show me the RESULTS! I want to know. See what's special about being a blatina is that we come from over 20 plus countries and culture mixing is immeasurable!

"You Got that Good Hair, It's the Boricua in You!"

So I know what you're thinking and you're thinking why should I care if I call myself, Blatina with the Good Hair? Well Pelo Malo No Existe! The name, Blatina with the Good Hair came from simply being inspired to be me, a Blatina. I embraced your view of me my entire life thus far and decided to run with the brand. I can't believe that it is now 2017 and people are still making comments, "You got that good hair girl! It's because you have Puerto Rican in you." There you have it folks! If it isn't the most ignorant thing you could say to a woman, then I don't know what is! There is every kind of hair texture in every culture of the world. What if I told you that I have "GOOD" hair (whatever

"You Aren't Black For Real, You Can't Even Play Spades!"

"You aren't black for real. All black people know how to play spades!" I'm sure we all heard this one before or something similar like: "You don't drink koolaid? You aren't black", "You've never watched Roots before? You aren't black!", and or "You're dark skinned, how are you black with a "Spanish" last name?" That last one by the way is my all-time favorite (NOT). I cannot begin to tell you how many times people have made that comment to me and every time it happens it always seems to throw me off my feet! Well not anymore! Now I live for educating others that there is every kind of skin tone and race in every ethnicity! Hispanics come in every shade and we all don't fit into just one part

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