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About The Creator


 I was always told who I was and who I wasn't based on my: skin tone, hair texture, and the language I didn't speak. Not being accepted for who I was and constantly reminded of who I wasn't based on society's standards, I became frustrated by the consistent ignorance and lack of knowledge of Blatinas (even til this day).

I grew up in "No-man's land." On Holidays, I ate Spanish rice, chitterlings, baked macaroni and cheese from my mom. On the otherhand, I enjoyed Belizean potato salad, conch fritters, and sweet bun from my Belizean father while dancing to Beyonce or doing  Merengue or attempting Salsa. I am BLATINA! In no way, shape or form am I implying I have "good" hair or that "good" hair is such a thing. Like many others, I've spent countless years in confusion about how to identify myself. Society has a way of hinting on WHO I AM!

Society never accepted such a brown-skin kissed by the sun,
curly-haired, non-fluent Spanish speaking person to consider herself Latina. I grew up being told I was "black" and told "I wasn't black enough; I'm a mutt." I've heard it all.


One thing everyone always made sure to identify me as, "The pretty black girl with some "good" hair."

- I am the BLatina with the Good Hair

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